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ESO Nightblade Gold Making Guide through Provisioning

Provisioning is a popular way to make gold in the Elder Scrolls Online that is suitable for all classes, including the nightblade. Although it might not be the best gold making method, provisioning is pretty fast and easy to do. Even a low-level player is able to do it without much effort and no need of any luxurious gear. In addition, making ESO gold through provisioning does not require a party or friends. A player can do it on his own without having to have an interaction with other players.

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elder scrolls online provisioning example

Required Skills

Although provisioning level is significant, you do not need to have its max level in order to make this strategy works. It’s encouraged to level it anyway since this is the easiest leveling skill which only takes a couple of hours to max with the right strategy.

In provisioning skill tree, you only need “recipe quality” at level 1. Recipe improvement is, instead, really important. It’s worthwhile to max this skill. It makes your cooked food better result in more gold in return.

Another important skill you need to have it maxed is “Chef”. It gives an extra serving of each recipe made. You should also need to add another 3 points in “Brewer”. It has the same result as “Chef” but for drinks menu instead. “Brewer” and “Chef” are the main key to making you wealth with provisioning. After you max them, you will get 4 recipes back every time you make a single recipe. It means 400% profit.

Hunting for Ingredients

Cooking ingredients are everywhere. You can even run around the town and search for it inside crates and barrels. It only takes 20 minutes grabbing ingredients until your bag is full. Then, travel to other cities and do the same thing.

In case you are not that hungry for gold, you can only search for ingredients through crates and barrels in town 10-15 minutes every time you play. It’s going to give you 2,000 – 5,000 gold a day. As mentioned before, this is not the most effective way to make ESO gold. Nightblade can farm a lot faster than this when its level is high enough. However, if you do it daily, your fortune will be increasing every day without having to do anything.

It’s always important to have more than one source of income in the Elder Scrolls Online. You can make gold on everything you do from cooking to stealing. And, of cause, you can sell an item that you do not want to a vendor.

Aims for a High-Level Food

Normally, it only takes two ingredients to create a food. All recipes have a different value, 4 gold at average. If you max “Chef” and “Brew” skills, you are going to make 16 gold instead of 4. It means every ingredient is worth 8 gold to you.

Logically, you want to use as fewer ingredients as possible, so you have more ingredients to cook more food. However, you should aim to create a high-level item first since it has a higher value than a normal item. Thus, create a high-level item first, although more ingredients are required. Then, cook whatever food you can and sell everything to a vendor.

Provisioning is not the best nor the smartest way to make gold in the Elder Scrolls Online. However, it’s actually very popular at a later level in the game because of buffs. Some cook gives you more stamina, some attack, some defense, and so on which plays a very important part in a hard fight such as PvP, high-level dungeons, and raids.

Because of this, many high-level players are always looking for good cooks. This is your chance to sell to them with a higher price than selling to an NPC vendor. In case you want to make money from this way, it’s recommended to level provisioning skill to 50.