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Best ESO Guides for the Nightblade?

As gamers, we all want to get the most we can out of our time spent playing our favorite games. In a game like Elder Scrolls Online, this can mean different things to different gamers. For some, making the most of the time we spend playing might mean hitting the level cap as quick as possible. For others, it might mean making lots of money in the game. That’s why gamers of all types turn to guides to help us get the things we want out of the game. To help you, this review ranks three of the best guides for Nightblade.

1. Killer Guides’ Unofficial ESO Nightblade Guide – 4 ½ stars
This guide has it all covered no matter what kind of gamer you are. Casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike will benefit from the information in this guide. Want to reach the level cap in a week? No problem. This Killer Guides’ Unofficial ESO Nightblade guide will help you every step of the way. Want to only do the quests that benefit you the most for loot and experience? This guide tells you what quests will net the highest rewards and which ones won’t. Want to be one of the best in the game at PVP? This guide will help you learn the ins and outs of you class and how to use your abilities to lay waste to your opponents.


Maybe crafting items for sale or your own personal use is more your speed. The guide will show you the tips and tricks you need to truly master your chosen trade and make money doing it. The list goes on, and it will cost you a little money to get the guide. It’s a small price to pay in exchange for what it saves in time and effort with the added bonus of free updates.

2. The Elder Scrolls Online Guide – 4 stars
Like the first guide, this elder scrolls online guide also walks you through all the many facets of the game from leveling to making money. It’s written from the perspective of someone who played the game while it was in beta and what was learned during the time prior to the game’s official release. All of that knowledge was tested and refined when the game went live and went into this guide. As a gamer, I like the fact that this guide has all the bases covered no matter what I decide to focus on in the game or how much time I choose to spend playing. There are no cheats, hacks, or exploits to be found in the guide, and nothing contained within it will get you banned from the game.


This guide also calls for an initial investment to download the guide, and it does cost a little more. There are free updates, but these updates don’t cover any future expansions that may be added to the game. To me, that is outweighed by the fact that this guide does come with a 60 money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

3. The Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guide – 3 stars
If you’re looking for all the tips and tricks to reach the level cap or make mounds of gold, this eso mastery guide covers it all just like the other guides in this review. One of the ways that this guide differs from the others by offering 24/7 customer support for their guide should you encounter problems with the guide or the service they offer their members. They also offer a beginner’s guide as a bonus for signing up for a membership with their site. Unlike the other guides that are for every player from newbie to experienced, this bonus guide focuses on new players.


You do have to sign up for at least a basic membership to gain access to the guides, but the guides are not part of one comprehensive package covering the entire scope of the game. The basic, free membership does come with the benefit of a member only forum to discuss the game. Sadly that the guide itself is broken down into different sections with each covering a different area of the game as well as the different facets of the game, and each one has to be purchased separately with quite expensive price.

This has just been a short review of each, but if you want to make the most of your gaming time and get all you want out of Elder Scrolls Online, then these are some of the best guides out there for you to consider. Killer Guides’ ESO Nightblade Guide has been ranked higher than others, but all three guides cover every aspect of the game and every strategy that’s been found. The all require some kind of investment, but you have to decide how much making the most of your play time is worth to you. Check them out for yourselves and decide.