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Recommended Endgame Gear for Nightblade

avatar Gameplay, LevelingApril 19, 2015 • 3~4 min read

Crafted gear is one of the best sources of endgame gear for Nightblades. At this point, crafted gear becomes more valuable, since gear lasts longer and becomes more valuable. Crafters make some of the best pieces of endgame gear. Make sure to join a crafting/trading guild or two where you can utilize the guild store […]

Leveling the Nightblade: First 10 Levels

avatar Build, Leveling, SkillApril 10, 2015 • 3~4 min read

Getting a feel of the Elder Scrolls Online, introducing the areas of Tamriel and getting familiar of the systems of the game – these are where the first 10 level of leveling the Nightblade are primarily focused on. Nearing level 10, combat progressively gets more complex and stops being simple. As Nightblade is the best class […]

The Ideal Guild for the Nightblade

avatar Guides, Leveling, SkillJanuary 22, 2014 • 2~4 min read

As the official release of The Elder Scrolls Online gets closer we know you will be trying to figure out how to best build your character. In addition to that you are wondering which guilds to join. For those who is not know much about the guild, it is recommended to read this article at […]

First Step Guide to Play Nightblade

avatar Gameplay, Guides, Leveling, SkillDecember 15, 2013 • 2~4 min read

The Elder Scrolls Online offers a class called “Nightblade” which is one of the first 4 classes, and available with all 3 factions. The Nightblade class is a combination of stealth, evoker, and alchemy. If you choose to play as the Nightblade, here is a guide to help with creating, skills, and leveling up. Your […]

ESO Nightblade Leveling Guide

avatar Guides, LevelingJune 23, 2013 • 2~4 min read

The Nightblade is an Elder Scrolls Online class that combines the deadly stealth of the classic rogue, with some of the destructive capabilities of an evoker, with a dash of alchemy just for laughs. While not as effective at any of these skills as a purer class, the Nightblade is more than just the sum […]